Cradle Educations is a premier IIT / PMT, JEE/ PMT Coaching organization, which was started in 2004. Since its inception the organisation is destined to orient students into correct path by providing perfect coaching to achieve success in different competitive exams.

Cradle Educations is known for its quality coaching, highly disciplined teaching methodology high level of satisfaction among students, its authenticity an transparency. The Institute is known for its innovative methodologies. Every year, year after year, our students successfully pave their way to leading colleges like IITs and NITs. The Organization aims to orient students into right path by providing PERFECT GUIDANCE to achieve success in IIT/JEE PMT and other competitive exams

At Cradle we aim to become a pre-eminent educational group that works towards the overall enhancement of the society by enabling the brightest minds of the country to achieve what they aspire for and what they ought to have. Becoming successful is a skill but one cannot perfect it without practice. We at Cradle, help students explore their full potential, boost their self-confidence and help them realize their dreams by the advanced system of teaching process.

Every great journey starts with a single step. If you want to conquer all major hurdles in your life, you must start with self-confidence. When you believe you can do it, half of your task is done. �i can & i will� is the guiding principle we are kindled with, which enables us to script new success stories every year we are known for.

This is not merely a punch-line but a stimulant that strengthens our own belief. This is a philosophy and a way of life for us; a well-tested formula that has brought magical results for us over the years. This philosophy is reflected in our work culture, ranging from the way we train our students to the success history we have been scripting for the last two and a half decades.


To prepare students to be conscientious and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty, which will be imbued with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research and creativity. We believe in uniqueness and in fostering every individual's potential and therefore, provide varied opportunities for successful living and growth. A child-centered education with the concept of all-round development in every individual is the foremost philosophy of Cradle Educations Pvt Ltd.

Aditya Birla Group, Sultanpur (year 2007 - 2010)
BHEL, Jagdispur, (year 2008-2011)
NTPC, Unchahar, (year 2010-2013)
New ERA Institute, Pune (year 2014-2017)
Doon Intenational School, Palia (year 2014-2017)